About our company

Originally established in 2013 by a core team of nurses, Care101 is an agency based in Worcester Park, Surrey. We specialise in working with local nursing, care & residential homes and offer cost effective, professional and high quality nurses - RGNs and RMNs & healthcare assistants to them on either short or longer term assignments. We take pride in our company and committed to providing the best levels of service to our clients. Our staff are not only a key factor in this, they’re also our greatest asset!

We are a panel agency in north Surrey and SW London and work with some of the larger care providers, as well as smaller, private care & nursing homes.

  Our aims

Do you need staff who are reliable and know their job ?

Would you prefer continuity rather than a new face every time ?

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Whether you own or run your organisation, work there permanently or are a client or relative, your peace of mind and total satisfaction is our ultimate aim. From your initial call to the office, through to the end of the shift itself, your satisfaction, and that of your residents is of paramount importance.

Continuity is key for both you and us. Whether you're a new client or a customer of many years, our high levels of service remains the same.

  What makes us different ?

Many agencies have the reputation for "sending someone", but healthcare is more than just keeping your staff numbers up. You want someone reliable, who knows their job and is smart & punctual. Best of all, if you get someone you like, you'd probably like to see them again, rather than take pot luck and get someone different every time you call. We understand this and work closely with our clients to help ensure our service meets these requirements. 

Local map  We're local

Care101 only works with nursing, care & residential homes in our area - based predominantly around Kingston, Epsom, North Surrey and into SW London. The vast majority of our staff also live locally, meaning they know the area well and don't have to to travel miles to get to you. This can dramatically improve our on time performance compared with some other agencies.

Local map   We're friendly

Whether you're speaking with the office or working with the staff face to face, we aim to give best possible service. We're a friendly team and with you, working to a common goal to achieve the best results we can.

Local map  We employ the best

Our business is not based around staff numbers. We're not the biggest but we believe our staff are among the best and our team are very experienced. Ongoing monitoring and training is provided to ensure that with Care101, you're getting a professional, not simply someone to make up the numbers.
Although we will always endeavour to provide the best possible service, even at short notice, we are a local company with finite resources. Our staff can be booked quite early, making last minute requests difficult to cover and so we cannot guarantee that staff will always be available. We recommend booking early to avoid this wherever possible.

Continuity  Continuity

Although often forgotten, continuity of staff - who therefore know your home, staff & residents and relatives is key. Of course, if you like our staff, then you're more likely to use us again. Not only is it therefore better for you, its in our interest too! We can't promise but we always try to keep the same core team of staff working with you whenever we can.

Cost effective solution  Cost effective

Care101 aims to offer an extremely competitive & cost effective solution and our rates are some of the best in the area. Assignments can be tailoured to your specific needs and costs are always negotiable. Rates are negotiable and discounts are available depending on the amount of work needed etc.


Our staff

We owe our success to our staff who, in addition to their direct qualifications, must also show that they are a team player and people who can integrate well within your own group.
Would we like our relative or loved one to be looked after by them ?
A simple, but very effective test in itself.


  Quality & compliance

All our staff are interviewed and comprehensively checked when they join. These checks include ID and right to work, Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and PIN verification for nurses. CV details, along with mandatory training continue to be monitored and refreshed as needed to ensure compliance at all times. Training can also be tailored, where needed, to meet a client's specific needs. Performance & feedback is continually assessed to ensure our high standards continue to be met.    

Of course, we're also here to support you and if you're an owner, manager or administrator, you’ll appreciate how an organised, methodical approach to staffing is just as important as the healthcare services provided. After all if no one turns up for a shift, you’re left with the same problem you started with ?!

From your initial call through to the completion of each shift, we aim to offer you the comprehensive services you require. We hope our repeat business from existing clients continues to show that we're meeting this goal.

  Reduced paperwork

Our in-house technology & automation helps us keep track of our rota, bookings & compliance, as well as keep in touch with our staff. As a client, you'll also have access to bookings and staff profiles on-line, safely & securely.  Of course, this is just one option that some clients find a useful addition - especially when they're managing their own schedule outside normal hours. If you prefer the more personal touch of calling, you are most welcome to do that too!