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Established in 1998, 3Ds (UK) Limited was a privately-owned software house & IT consultancy specialising primarily in client & server software, database, web-based & mobile solutions. In 2017 we merged to become part of Care101, where our software engineers continue to develop & support bespoke systems for existing and new clients.

We also develop & maintain our in-house solutions such as CMS and Team101, and offer our technology services to nursing & care homes. 


Built and developed since 2013, our Care Management System (CMS) provides the technology backbone for Care101, including shifts & bookings, staff & compliance, payments and client profiles. It is central to our operation and helps us to both plan ahead, as well as react quickly when last minute changes are needed.

CMS provides a multi-interface database, ensuring consistency across the board from the office & staff through to clients, invoicing and payments.

For the office

When you contact the office, its invariably CMS that we look at. It helps us plan & make changes to our rota, as well as see who may be free to help cover a particular shift. In an ever changing environment, CMS also allows us to keep track of potential availability, confirm shifts with both clients & staff and send reminders of upcoming work to our staff. New jobs, especially those requested at the last minute can also be quickly advertised to those available by SMS in seconds.

For staff

From initial enquiries and applications through to confirmed bookings and payments, our staff too can access CMS. Applications can be submitted and details uploaded, shifts can be accepted on-line, by phone or by SMS and completed time sheets uploaded. An email indicates when payments are made after which payroll details can be displayed & payslips accessed.

Each staff member has their electronic CV. Using this, compliance is monitored by CMS, which knows who needs training or which documents will soon become out of date.  Help for nurse's with their revalidation is also available.

For clients

Indirectly our clients of course feature heavily within CMS. However, if they wish they can access it directly too, allowing the status of current, past & future bookings to be reviewed, new bookings made and the latest staff profiles to be accessed and downloaded, all with just a few clicks! Their administrator or manager can also view invoices if required.

Although its by no means a requirement, some homes find online access a great additional resource, allowing them to view & plan their own schedule, 24x7.


Team101 is our mobile interface. Developed exclusively for our staff, it provides them with real-time access to their CMS data, directly from their Android mobile or iPhone.

Through Team101, shifts can be viewed & accepted, potential availability updated and client information including maps & directions accessed. Other options include their CV/compliance details, recent payments and the ability to send time sheets, direct from the phone.

Combined with text message confirmations & shift reminders, Team101 allows staff information to be seen & updated whilst on the move - e.g. while travelling to or from a shift.


Alongside Team101, our integrated automation solutions help us keep in touch with staff & clients, as well as process text messages as efficiently as we can. With Admin101, shift confirmations & staff reminders are automatically sent, along with other SMS automated tasks, again 24x7 while inbound requests can be picked up & processed in seconds.


Rota101 is our web-based rota management system, freeing care & nursing homes from the general grind of the traditional paper-based rotas with their constants changes and mixups.

Using our online technology you can keep track of your shifts & any external bookings, coordinating requests & confirmations as you go.

Features include multiple rotas with automatic shift history, rota views including edit, plan & staff view and built-in monitoring & alerting.

Rota101, which continues to evolve, is a low cost solution, requires no installation or special hardware and can be used by any residential, nursing or care home. It is also free to use for any Care101 client!

  We can help you

These solutions help us, but many others have been developed over the years for our clients. From local support to bespoke software development, our IT team are available to provide you with technical assistance in a language you can understand. We believe technology is there to help but appreciate the skills of your own staff may lie elsewhere.

For more information, or just to talk something through, please get in touch or ask us to call you back.